My Favorite Healing Tool Lately: The Alkaline Aromatherapy Bath

Here's the most useful healing tool I've been using lately. I’m excited to share with you some recent awesome results with having people do an:

Alkaline Aromatherapy Bath

I learned this from a healer years ago and have had so many good results with it. It can definitely transform your mood. It’s pretty simple. Here’s the recipe:

1 pound epsom salt (or any kind of salt, some people like sea salt)

2 pounds of baking soda

3-8 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Lately I’ve been using a new blend I called named, Lavender Dreams™. It has calming flowers in it: lavender, chamomile, melissa and rose. These are called the “nervine” herbs, because they calm the nervous system. (which most all of us could use!). People rarely use melissa because it’s really pricey and never sold in stores. My teachers called it the “mother of all nervines” and said it’s the most powerful calming herb. So I use it a lot. The...

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