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Aromatherapy Basic Guidelines & Safety

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Level I Aromatherapy

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Level I Aromatherapy Pay in Full

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It's often difficult to travel to seminars. Being able to study at home with a live component is very convenient. Attend live or watch replays when you have time.


Dr. Matea is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in California. Gain confidence that comes with having a certification from an experienced doctor.


With the internet, we can now connect to students all over the world and share ideas and inspiration. It's great to meet other people who share the same passion for healing.

Interactive Training

Each class has a lesson plan, but also allows for questions and answers through our weekly call. The membership site also allows you to post questions and interact.

Case-Based Learning

I've found presenting cases in addition to basic plant profiles is the best way to learn how to create healing with essential oils.

44 Plan Profiles Studied

Each week we will study a different plant as well as different applications. Guidelines are practical, tools you can put into practice right away.

Aromatherapy is creative and fun

Join other healers and practitioners who have studied with Dr. Matea

The Healing Power of Scent

Nature gifts us with incredible plant medicines in many forms. Join us as we study essential oils and herbs for their healing power.

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How are my classes different?

I like to teach what I call, "Balanced Brain Prescribing". When using oils I like to lead with my intuition, but also use intellectual learning like scientific studies. Often people are polarized to one side or the other, but I've found being in the middle, balanced, is the best approach. I was fortunate to study with Native American medicine women and learn the spiritual and intuitive way to select and use plants. I also have a background with a degree in Biochemistry, so I apply both types of knowledge. I really enjoy empowering people to come up with their own unique formulas, rather than use someone else's recipes. It's fun and rewarding. You get to be more creative. I find you get better results as well. Each client is unique.....so their healing remedy should also be unique. With aromatherapy, there are endless combinations you can make.
This makes it so fun and inspiring.

Aromatherapy Basic Guidelines & Safety

$49.00 USD
Level I Aromatherapy

3 monthly payments of $333.00 USD
Level I Aromatherapy Pay in Full

$897.00 USD

Helping Others is so Rewarding

Be empowered to bring healing to others, while learning from the comfort of your home.

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