What is Good Immunity?

Jan 03, 2024

What is Good Immunity?

Good immunity, in my opinion, is resistance to infection. Everyone around you may be sick but you never get sick. I know people who never get sick and then others who are on their fourth or fifth round of getting c.o.v.i.d. Doctors really need to have resistance so they can take care of people without getting sick themselves. I like to share my approach in hopes that it may inspire you so you can be in the “I never get sick” camp. 

During my training, I did a rotation in a developing country. I was not prepared for what I encountered. The lack of hygiene and constant stream of highly contagious patients with infections took me off guard. The first night I went back to my hotel room in shock, then sat down on the couch to give myself a pep talk.

First, I decided, I’m not going to be vulnerable, my body is strong and healthy and I’m not subject to these illnesses. This sounds simple, but it’s so important. I made a resolve. It was more than a decision, it was a strong intention and visualization. You’ve probably heard the saying, “As a person thinketh, so are they”.  I like the way my best friend (who never gets sick) put it, “I don’t have a landing strip for that plane to land on me.”

Then I decided, I’m not going to do anything to make myself vulnerable. For me, this mainly involves avoiding sugar. I love sweets and I try to avoid them, but they are so prevalent in our culture, it’s easy to start partaking here and there and not realize how often you are eating something sweet.

I had a room with a kitchenette so I went to the grocery store to stock up on vegetables. I was mortified when I saw the quality of vegetables. They had mostly root vegetables, potatoes, beets, cabbage……no fresh greens. I asked around and found some Rastafarians who were happy to bring me fresh veggies from their garden. I got a lot of inspiration from them. I asked them what their approach was when they get sick. They said if they start feeling anything, they just fast, go out into the yard and pick fresh herbs, make a pint of herbal tea and sip on that until their symptoms are gone, usually 2-3 days. So simple, I thought. Back home we have all these fancy IV treatments and therapies that cost a lot of money, but nature's cures are often simple and inexpensive.

I hadn’t brought enough immune-supporting vitamins and I was upset I couldn’t get any mailed to me for weeks. I decided to make the best of it and drink antimicrobial herbal teas preventatively. Every day I made my version of a homemade spiced chai. I boiled cinnamon sticks, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, and ginger. I drank a cup daily without milk and sugar.

Lastly, I made sure to get sunlight every day and exercise. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and being sedentary makes you vulnerable to infection. 

My strategy worked, I treated over 1200 patients on that rotation and never got sick. This set the tone for my future medical practice. I’ve had the privilege and honor of serving on the front lines of the pandemic in Los Angeles and never got sick or missed a day of work. I did house calls from the beginning, never closing my practice or refusing to see anyone in person. I have no fear of any microbe. It’s a great feeling. I believe in the philosophy of naturopathic medicine and put the principles into practice over many years. 

I desire to help people liberate themselves from fear and sickness. To have a human body is a gift. It’s our job to protect and preserve our health to the best of our ability. We each have a choice of whether we want to be decadent or disciplined, weak or strong, empowered or disempowered. It’s really up to us.

The holidays are full of temptations, but if you exert a little discipline, I believe you’ll feel very happy with yourself.

My personal strategy includes the following:

Being Fortified - eating a nutritious diet and taking vitamin supplements daily. I’ll post a link to my supplement regime if you want to see it in detail. The dietary principles I follow are alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and mucusless. I eat lots of fresh vegetables, a little fruit, whole grains, and never cook my food in oil or fry it. Here's my farmers market shopping: 


Being Purified - the philosophy of naturopathic medicine is about opening the channels of elimination to keep the body healthy. This means making sure to eliminate well- having 2-3 bowel movements per day. It also means to sweat. Exercising until the point where you sweat is so important. The lymphatic and venous system can’t move fluids without exercise. 


Being Hydrated - I try to drink 3-4 liters of glass bottled spring water every day. Most people are chronically dehydrated and don’t realize it. The body can’t clean itself or keep the lymphatic system clear if you don’t drink enough water. If you drink coffee, caffeine, alcohol, or carbonated beverages, you need even more hydration as these are very dehydrating to the body. I only drink glass bottled spring water, no plastic. Plastic that leaches from bottles has been found in women's breast tissues. I don't trust tap water for anything, not even cooking.

Staying Alkaline - keeping the fluids and tissues of the body alkaline makes you resilient to getting sick. You can obtain food charts that reveal which foods are acidic versus alkaline and adjust your diet.

Spiritual Protection - every day I pray, meditate, and anoint myself with essential oils that have spiritually protective properties. I use sandalwood, frankincense, angelica, myrrh, vetiver, spikenard, rose oil, and others. Essential oils have a magical way of repelling microbes and keeping us protected. 

My Daily Essential Oil Routine

In the winter, I love to take a morning bath in essential oils. I often rotate them but this is my current favorite recipe

Morning bath: 5 drops rosemary, 2 cups Epsom salt, 5 cups baking soda. Rosemary is a stimulant so it’s great to get going. It’s also antirheumatic and helps lessen joint pain. I work a lot with my hands so like to do something healing for them.

Lymph Flow - I put this on my body as a moisturizer(not the face) after bathing. I like this as my foundation. I feel sealed in a protective coating.

Protection Spray - I spray this around me before I go to work and repeat during the day.

Stress Release - I apply this to pulse points during the day to help me stay relaxed and avoid getting tense. The essential oils in this calm the nervous system.

Jasmine - I wear jasmine instead of perfume. It’s so beautiful and blissful. I could never wear synthetic perfume again after finding essential oils like this. It’s my favorite. 

Rose Sandalwood - I apply this several times a day. I like to wear it before meditation. Sandalwood is popular as a meditation aid, it’s thought to cool and calm the mind. I keep it in a very small bottle and smell often during the day to stay calm. Lastl, I like to apply this at bedtime to my scalp and shoulders. It’s soothing and calming effect help me to fall asleep happy.

Since essential oils are all natural, they evaporate, they don’t linger like synthetic perfumes. Therefore, I re-apply them often during the day. I feel this keeps me enveloped in this beautiful, inspired forcefield of powerful plant aromas. This bubble of bliss keeps me protected, happy, and productive. Plants have amazing healing power.

When you think of getting an infection and having a foreign invader enter your body, we focus on having healthy skin and a healthy digestive tract. Everyone is now talking about the gut microbiome. This is great because people are waking up to this knowledge. The connection between what you eat and your immunity should be something we think about.

Your skin is one of your first barriers to infection. 

Healthy skin is about having a healthy diet and avoiding putting toxic cosmetics on your skin as well. Synthetic fragrances in lotions and creams tend to plug up your pores and can build up toxicity. They reduce the elasticity or flexibility of your skin and I feel this can affect your immunity. This is why I created the aromatherapy daily moisturizers. The base oil is organic olive oil and organic jojoba. The jojoba allows it to soak in right away and is non-greasy so you can apply it after bathing or showering and get dressed right away and start your day. You avoid toxic chemicals and get the added benefit of having the healing properties of essential oils.

Have a Strong Mindset 

Every day I listen to motivational speakers, read empowering books, and do affirmations all day long. I say things like:



It’s important to realize that your body was meant to be healthy. Don’t expect to be sick. Don’t accept being sick often as normal. Just because people around you may be sick, that doesn’t have to be your reality. You have things to accomplish. You have responsibilities. You are needed. You can’t afford to be lying in bed sick all the time so it’s time to strengthen your mindset!

Herbal Medicines

I take herbs every day. I take a variety of tonics, adaptogens (herbs that help you deal with stress), and nervines (herbs that help keep you calm and promote deep sleep). Astragalus is a common winter remedy for prevention. You can buy the root and boil it for tea, it's inexpensive this way.

It’s important to realize that good immunity is a lifestyle. It’s not one remedy, one herb, or one vitamin. If you want to learn more, join me on Sundays at 1pm for my weekly class. I’ll post a link shortly. 

Here’s to your health!  Happy Holidays!

Dr. Matea

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